Wheel Throwing Advanced - Saturdays ONLY - 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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Explore various throwing skills to make functional pottery. Cups, bowls, plates, lidded jars, casseroles, baking dishes and vases are just a few of the items that you will learn how to produce. This class concentrates on improving your throwing skills to be able to make items confidently.

Discussions on various clays, glazes and firing processes that work well for producing functional pottery. Class will also include altering forms, joining sectional pieces and throwing large forms. Concentration on finishing pieces by trimming, attaching handles, lugs, and knobs as well as surface decoration.

Mandatory clean up day the last week of classes.

Skill level: must be able to center, open and throw a 3-lb. wedge of clay. 

January 13th, through March 10th, 2018

Saturdays ONLY

2:00 pm - 5:00 pm


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Instructor: Tim Decker

About Tim:

Timothy Decker, a Los Angeles native, began his love affair with clay while in high school. He quickly discovered his infatuation with the potter’s wheel and an interest in the more technical aspects of ceramics. He spent many hours volunteering after school learning to fire his first kilns.

 Timothy moved on to Pasadena City College in 2005 to study under Phil Cornelius, Jim Gonzalez, Keiko Fukazawa and Jenchi Wu. His technical knowledge proved to be an asset and within two months he was hired on as a Lab Technician, a role he still holds today.

 In January 2013, Timothy was introduced to John Mason and he currently serves as John’s Studio Assistant. It was through his work with John that he met Peter Shire, leading to a short stint as a Production Potter for Echo Park Pottery.

 Timothy joined AMOCA Ceramics Studio in September 2016 as their Studio Technician.





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