The Art of Handbuilt Ceramics

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Potters have been using traditional handbuilding methods for generations, but new methods are now eagerly being tried, inspiring a host of discoveries in contemporary ceramics. This book begins with an historical and cultural overview of world ceramics, then moves on to an introductory section for beginners. With the aid of clear instructions and step-by-step photos, the novice learns all the traditional handbuilding and glazing methods. In addition, the author's special interest in surface decoration introduces innovative new ways of monoprinting on clay and texturing with clay slips. Advanced students are then shown how to explore the exciting possibilities of paperclay. This comparatively new medium, which is extremely strong and versatile, allows artists to scale new heights of creativity. Fully illustrated with color photos, The Art of Handbuilt Ceramics includes all the information necessary to progress from beginner to artist.

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