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Porcelain, Dichroic glass

7" x 5" x 5"

John Conrad

Combining the centuries old technique of forming objects from clay and the very recent process of depositing metal on a vitreous surface, John Conrad has developed a first-ever application on porcelain that results in an unworldly, rich brilliant rainbow of color that defies an adequate verbal description.

John moved to San Diego in the mid-1960’s to be a professor of Fine Arts at San Diego Mesa College. During the tenure he developed an extensive program in ceramics, creating one of the top programs in California. Conrad, who has an affinity for sculpture, started pushing boundaries years ago by doing the first experiments fusing glass on clay. He entered a doctoral program at the University of Pittsburgh in 1970 not knowing whether these fusion experiments were a viable endeavor. After hundreds of trials, he arrived at stunning sculptures that showcased the translucent qualities of glass fused over perforated windows in ceramic structures. For more on the artist, visit:

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