Following the Rhythms of Life

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This is the first in-depth critical overview of the illustrious ceramic career of David Shaner (1934–2002). Trained in the late 1950s at the Alfred University School of Ceramics, Shaner became the director of the influential Archie Bray Foundation for the Ceramic Arts in Montana and an acclaimed studio potter. This book provides a timely tribute to a highly disciplined clay artist who had a deep understanding of himself, his materials, and the world in which he lived, and offers a fresh perspective on the burgeoning ceramic movement in the United States. Richly illustrated, Following the Rhythms of Life presents a survey of Shaner's work, as it evolved from functional pottery to more sculptural concerns throughout his career. The book draws on interviews with Shaner's colleagues, mentors, and family members to provide insight on the artist's worldview and the ceramic work that is the legacy of a life fully lived.

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