East Creek Anagama Firing - April 2020 -

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AMOCA Ceramics Studio and AMOCA members have been invited to participate in an Anagama wood-firing at East Creek in Willamina, Oregon. We are organizing an April firing lead by artist and educator, Scott Ross. 

Please call the studio at 909.622.0464 or email Heidi Kreitchet, Studio Director, at hkreitchet@amoca.org to have your name added to our list of participants. We will be confirming dates, costs, travel, and housing in the near future. 

The East Creek Anagama was built in 1983 by Oregon artists Nils Lou, Tom Coleman, and Frank Boyden with the mission to bring ceramic education via wood firing to the west coast. The first of its kind built west of the Mississippi, the kiln and 20 forested acres on which it sits were owned and managed by Nils Lou.  When Nils died unexpectedly, the kiln and property were in limbo. Thanks to a community effort, East Creek Art, LLC, was established with the purpose of continuing the East Creek educational mission and the rich tradition of making.

Please take a moment to explore East Creek's website and visit their Instagram @eastcreekjoe


To see Scott's artwork visit: https://scottrossstudio.org/

Follow Scott on Instagram @scottrossstudio

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