Combo Class - Hand Building and Wheel Throwing - Tuesdays

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This is the perfect introductory class for a beginner who wants to learn the basic fundamentals of ceramics. Half the class will focus on hand building and half the class will focus on wheel throwing. Hand building techniques that will be taught are the basics: pinch, coil, and slab construction. On the potter's wheel, students will learn how to wedge clay, and follow the steps to create a cylinder through bowl form. Basic glazing will be taught half way through the class. Come to class with your sketchbook, tools, and questions. Mandatory clean up day the last week for all students. Mandatory clean up day the last week for all students.


January 9th - March 6th 2018

6:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Cost includes: 25lb bag of house clay, instruction, and open studio hours. Students are responsible for purchasing clay through the studio's store. Clay cost includes firing fees, wax, studio stains, and cone 10 glazes.

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Instructor: Dino Capaldi

About Dino: 

Dino Capaldi is an emerging ceramic artist from Rancho Palos Verdes, California. Dino has been with AMOCA Ceramics Studio for over two years, utilizing his studio time as a resident artist. For 14 years, Dino has been studying clay, culminating most recently with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from UCLA. Dino’s work focuses on the intrinsic nature of clay. While making his sculptures he pushes and pulls the clay to near collapse, giving the viewer a glimpse at the guts of what clay is made of. Voids are created, drawing the eye ever deeper into a black abyss of nothing. Landscapes appear and fade away. When fired the work seems to be frozen at those critical moments of success or failure. When asked what has drawn him to clay Dino responded by saying, “…I am interested in how ceramics has evolved over time from a functional craft into a contemporary art form. I also enjoy how the medium varies culturally and individually, artists shaped by their own unique experience and influences create vastly diverse work”.



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