Ceramics in America (2007)

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For the first time, color photographs of the known nineteen surviving objects from this important American porcelain factory are presented.Accompanying essays provide the historical context for the rise and fall of the factory along with exploration of porcelain technology and classification of parallel British porcelain. Important new evidence is presented for an even earlier porcelain manufactory near Charleston, South Carolina that of emigrant Staffordshire potter John Bartlam.The 2007 volume of Ceramics in America is devoted to the topic of Bonnin and Morris soft-paste porcelain made in Philadelphia between 1770 and 1772. For the First time, all nineteen known objects from this important American "china" manufactoryalong with related archaeological examplesare illustrated in full color. Essays by a diverse group of scholars present compelling perspectives on the signiFicance of this edgling industrial enterprise initiated on the eve of the American War of Independence. Now in its seventh year of publication, Ceramics in America is considered the journal of record for historical ceramic scholarship in the American context and is intended for collectors, historical archaeologists, curators, decorative arts students, social historians, and contemporary potters.

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