Beginning Wheel Throwing - Saturdays

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This course is for beginning students who want to learn how to make functional tableware on the potter’s wheel.  Students will learn how to wedge clay,  follow the steps to create cylinders, cups, and bowl forms. Finishing techniques including trimming and adding handles will be taught. We will also cover basic glazing and surface techniques. Please come to class excited, ready for new insights, prepared for lots of practice and a positive attitude! Mandatory clean up the last week of class.

April 7th through June 3rd 2018


10:00 am to 1:00 pm

COST INCLUDES: One 25lb bag of House stoneware clay, instruction, studio membership, and AMOCA museum membership for the length of the class. There is NO OUTSIDE CLAY ALLOWED. Students are responsible for purchasing clay through the studio's store. Clay cost includes: firing fees, wax, studio stains, and cone 10 glazes. 

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Instructor: Yau Chung Tong


Yau Chung Tong was a ceramic teacher assistant for Mihee Kim in Temple City High School in 2011.  Few years later after he graduated from high school, He became one of the designers in “Hou Pok Ceramics Design” in China, Jingdezhen. Nine years of ceramics wheel throwing experience and graduated with a B.F.A in ceramics major at the California College of the Arts. Two years of the ceramic guilt vice president experience lead him to open his first ceramic studio “One Cup”. He is currently working at Pasadena City College as a ceramics studio Technician.

Artist Statement:

My works focus on bringing out the functionality of crafts into our everyday life. I believe the most important part of crafts is not being presented quietly on a wooden shelf but staying with the user throughout their lifetimes. Crafts capture moments and times in the creation through human touch. Although people in the modern days often love the new and discard the old, the history of our past defines who we are and will always stay in us. I have been exploring the meaning of craftsmanship in different countries such as China JingDeZhen, Taiwan Yingge, United State Oakland and now currently in Los Angeles. The more I have explored in the art of ceramics, the more I love how it influences and connects with our human emotions in the past thousands of years. My works are made to capture time and connect us back to the earth and nature. Every single piece of my works, even just a tiny carve on my cup has captured a part of my lifetime. I hope the user will be able to feel my sincere love for ceramics.



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