Beginning Wheel Throwing - Saturdays Mornings - Fall. 19

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This course is for beginning students who want to learn how to make functional tableware on the potter’s wheel.  Students will learn how to wedge clay, follow the steps to create cylinders, cups, and bowl forms. Finishing techniques including trimming and adding handles will be taught. We will also cover basic glazing and surface techniques. Please come to class excited, ready for new insights, prepared for lots of practice and a positive attitude! Mandatory clean up on the last day of class.


Oct. 5th - Nov. 23rd, 2019

10:00 am to 1:00 pm

COST INCLUDES: One 25lb bag of house clay, instruction, studio membership and museum membership during the length of the class. Students are responsible for purchasing clay through the studio's store. Clay cost includes firing fees, wax, studio stains, and cone 10 glazes. NO OUTSIDE CLAY ALLOWED.

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  • Docents $225.00 - AMOCA Docents - Want to learn more about our Docent Program? Visit for more information. Become a docent today!



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Instructor: Tim Decker



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