2018 Michele Collier Workshop: revealing the artist within

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Saturday, May 5th, 2018

10:00 am to 5:00 pm (one hour lunch break)

Cost (includes one bag of paper clay):

$200.00 - AMOCA docent and college students (with valid ID)

$225.00 - AMOCA members and currently enrolled students

$250.00 - NON-AMOCA members

Promo Code for AMOCA members and currently enrolled students: collier25

Promo Code for AMOCA docent and college students (with valid ID): collier50

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PAPER CLAY FIGURATIVE SCULPTURE: revealing the artist within

In this workshop, we will explore the evocative power of figurative sculpture using paper clay. We will leave behind the hindrances of regular clay and break a few rules as we let our creativity soar.
Experienced artists will learn new skills and beginners will feel comfortable using this “user-friendly” hybrid clay for the first time. We will be working with slabs exclusively because of their ability to instantly express human form. As a participant, you will learn to build using these slabs as components. In the wet stage, these slabs are easily manipulated into expressive shapes.
Surface treatment will be discussed and demonstrated. Recipe sheets will be provided for the stains and oxides used in my firing process. 

Firing services are available at the studio, but not included in the cost of the workshop.


About Michele:

Michele Collier graduated with a BFA in Illustration from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. A career as a traditional illustrator honed her observations about how the human body expresses itself non-verbally. Years of drawing from live models has given her innate knowledge of
human anatomy in motion. Since breaking away from two-dimensional work, Michele has pushed boundaries and broken rules to bring that movement to her new medium of clay. She creates her figures from this place of deep understanding about how the human body moves through space. Layered upon this technical knowledge is a desire to give voice to the instinctual in all of us. Her strong female figures call to mind the androgyny of Michelangelo. They move to a rhythm based on emotion.



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