2018 Kristen Kieffer: Altered & Ornamented - Hands-On Workshop

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Our two-day hands-on workshop will focus on altering wheel-thrown (or hand-built) forms a little and a lot. We will then embellish those forms with an array of decoration techniques from stamping and slip-trailing to sponging and resists. The result can be functional or sculptural, minimal, or extravagant. You will leave the workshop with a collection of new skills and the confidence to play and draw from your own influences. 

Demonstrations include throwing, altering and building off the wheel, darting, and a variety of decoration techniques including: slip-trailing, stamp-making, and stamping. We will discuss aesthetics and proportion, timing in clay, idea-generation, and progressing one’s own work with learned techniques.

Participants will make stamps as well as play with slip-trailing and paper resist.
This workshop and its techniques are equally suitable for both throwers and hand-builders.
Basic wheel-throwing and/or hand-building skills necessary.

April 14th and 15th from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm with a one-hour lunch break.
Maximum of 15 participants.


$425.00 - NON-AMOCA Members
$375.00 - AMOCA Members*
$350.00 - College students (must show valid ID), AMOCA Instructors, Resident Artists, and AMOCA Docents*

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Kristen's Artist Statement:

I make pottery that brings elegance, sophistication, and merriment to the everyday. I have a diverse range of influences, and seek to marry the splendor of past eras with a modern desire for beauty and utility.

My influences for these Victorian modern porcelain vessels range from 18th century silver service pieces to couture clothing and from Art Nouveau illustrations to cake fondant. Such diversity combined with my own personality as a maker culminates into a unique style.

Graceful forms, refined patterns, and lively colors convey a design that is robust as well as elegant and joyful.


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